Mrs Odile Hervé-Bazin

Dear friends,
I have just heard of the death of Mrs. Odile Hervé-Bazin.
I just want to say a few words about how we met and why she joined our association.
It was in 2011. As part of the annual meeting of « Alumni of the Lycée de Saumur », a show was planned with some former students who had made music or theater their job:

At the beginning of the show, I explained to my comrades (which I saw for the first time in more than 50 years), the current fallout of the Vietnam War, Agent Orange, Orange diHoxyn etc.

At the end of the concert, while I was putting away my guitar, an elderly lady came and said :
« What your association does is great. I would like you to use my name to bear the cause that you defend ».

I answered her. « I thank you very dear madam, unfortunately I do not know your name ».

« I am Odile Hervé Bazin, the widow of the novelist. I'm sure that alive, he would have participated in your fight, that's why I suggested you use my name, our name ».

I told him how fortunate our association was to have such a reinforcement. And I proposed to her to be part of the Committee of Honor. She has accepted.

Several months later, I found on the site of the Association of Franco-Vietnamese Friendship a letter showing that in 1960 (I believe) Hervé Bazin had been one of the founders of this association. Hervé Bazin was more than a novelist! I sent the photocopy of the letter to Mrs Hervé Bazin. I don't know if this letter is still in the archives of the AAFV.

Odile, thank you again for fighting with us so that the victims of Agent Orange are rescued.