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ORANGE DIHOXYN is an non-governmental musical association created in 2008 by HO Hai Quang to allow everybody who is concerned by the present consequences of dioxin poisonning during the war in Vietnam, to help all the vietnamese victims regardless of their sex, age, religion belief, philosophical and political opinions. You can help.
  • by making a donation ;
  • by downloading for free the musics you can find on this website and make Orange DiHoxyn known ;
  • by offering your own musics to Orange DiHoxyn who will put them on line with the names of the musicians and authors. The proposed musics must be send in mp3 format to the following adress dihoxyn@gmail.com.
  • by becoming a member of the association.
Board of Orange DiHoxyn
  • Hai Quang HO, President
  • Annie Delavaud, Vice- President
  • Bernard Bonnet, Vice- President
  • Hélène Ho, Tresurer
  • Nour Salman, Secretary
Patrons of Orange DiHoxyn See also Orange DiHoxyn on MYSPACE and FACEBOOK